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Civil Rights

I Provide a Voice for Citizens Whose Rights Are Often Ignored

At Sather Law, PLLC, I represent individuals who have been the victims of discrimination and civil rights violations, whether that be in the area of government abuse, employment, housing, public accommodations, or government services. My clients are often folks in Montana with unique characteristics, conditions, or living circumstances that make them vulnerable to abuse. The best ammunition to address these violations is our state and federal civil rights laws, along with a passionate and knowledgable civil rights lawyer.

Helping You Stand Up for Your Rights

When your constitutional and civil rights are violated, you may instinctively know there has been a wrongdoing, but many people do not know where to turn or may lack the capacity to effectively assert your legal rights. Experience matters. I have a statewide law practice that includes pursuing legal claims on behalf of Montanans whose rights have been violated. I am experienced and knowledgeable in claims concerning the Civil Rights Act, Section 1983, Montana Human Rights Act, ADA, ADEA, and other state and federal statutory protections and will stand up for your rights.

Sather Law Firm represents citizens throughout Montana in the areas of:

  • Employment discrimination, including racial discrimination, sexual harassment or discrimination
  • Violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, including failure to make reasonable accommodations for the blind, deaf, and physically disabled
  • Civil rights abuses of people, including people with mental illness or mental impairments
  • Government and official abuse or misconduct