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Local Counsel



I have represented a number of out-of-state plaintiffs and defendants in federal and state courts in Montana. I have significant experience with serving as local counsel in all areas of civil litigation. 

I can help you navigate local rules in federal courts and state courts here in Billings or throughout the state of Montana. Although you are responsible for reviewing the Local Rules of the court to which you seek pro hac vice admission, I will provide an unprecedented level of familiarity with the local practice, procedures, judges, and judicial staff, as well as extensive knowledge of a wide variety of Montana statutory and common law.


I am experienced at handling civil litigation from initial case filing through trial before a judge or jury. Is can assist with all aspects of civil trial practice including:

  • Drafting and filing original pleadings
  • Conducting legal research
  • Obtaining pre-judgment injunctive relief
  • Motions pro hac vice for out-of-state attorneys
  • Substantive motion and briefing practice
  • Discovery practice, including written discovery, depositions, and site inspections
  • Attendance at hearings and trial
  • Filing or resisting motions for temporary restraining orders, temporary and preliminary injunctions, and other equitable relief


I provide a broad range of important pretrial assistance to clients and referring attorneys, including claim and case evaluation, pretrial case strategy, and in-depth venue and jurisdictional analyses.