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Civil Litigation Practice

Areas of Practice


I represent victims of motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, on the job injuries, and construction accidents. If you are dealing with the effects and aftermath of a serious accident, you deserve to learn about your legal options. Before it's too late, I want you to be fully aware of your legal rights so that you may preserve your rights under Montana law. Click here for more info. 


I am knowledgeable in Montana's real estate laws affecting the various disputes of residential, commercial, and agricultural property owners. My firm's civil litigation practice covers real estate disputes regarding homeowners, commercial property owners, lenders, brokers, developers, landlords, tenants, farmers, and ranchers. I am dedicated to asserting and protecting our clients' legal rights.


Family and financial relationships can be challenging and an unfortunate reality is that sometimes litigation arises regarding a will, trust, family property, or family ranch or business. I provide services to help resolve those disputes in the most effective way possible. My civil litigation practice provides my clients with the technical advice needed when faced with an estate, trust, or other financial dispute.


There is a great level of trust that goes into a business relationship. When that trust is broken due to a breach of contract, deception, fraud, or simply one person taking advantage of another, it is advisable to obtain experienced legal counsel. I provide skilled and effective commercial litigation lawyers to individuals and companies in many areas of the commercial and professional world.


When professionals who provide financial advice, legal representation, medical care, counseling, or accounting services are accused of negligence or breaching their fiduciary duties, the consequences can be staggering. At Sather Law, PLLC, I work with professionals and experts in accounting, medicine, counseling, and the law in defending and strategizing against such allegations.


My employment attorneys have experience successfully guiding clients through the ever-changing complexities of labor and employment law. My employment law practice ranges from wrongful discharge, wage and hour issues, and workplace discrimination laws, to negotiating employment, severance, and noncompete agreements on behalf of both the employee and the employer.


At Sather Law, PLLC, I understand that some businesses want to work with their own national counsel. As such, I offer local counsel services throughout the State of Montana. I provide experienced legal advice regarding local practices and law essential to complying with local rules and procedures. I want to assist you with your Montana law needs and give you the best advice possible. 


Montana affords its citizens strong constitutional and statutory protection against discrimination and civil rights violations. There are few indignities more harmful and damaging than the violation of a person's civil rights. For this reason, I am committed to protecting ordinary citizens against civil rights violations and discrimination, whether it be in the workplace, housing, government services, or other areas.